Can you beat it?

Sueca is a popular game of cards played all over the world. With this application you can enjoy play the game with a interface that feels just right on your iDevice. Provided with high quality graphics and a natural interface, your guaranteed to have plenty of good times on your spare time.

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Multiplayer now available on v1.2

Added multiplayer mode using gamecenter with leaderboards and achievements, improved IA, improved multitasking issues and now you can just tap on the screen to play the card (iphone portrait). New features: Multiplayer by using GameCenter. Improvements: Tap to play the card (on portrait version of the iphone). Improved IA. Improved memory management. Bug fixes: Corrected […]

New Version 1.1.3

This version enhances the landscape mode, adds double tap mode to play a card, resolves minor issues related to the UI and improves the players IA. New features: Now you just have to double tap the card to play it (only on landscape mode). Improvements: Drag and drop area increased. Improved user interface and animations. […]

V1.1.2 on the App Store

This version adds support to the landscape mode with DragNDrop mode, resolves previous issues with the iPad version, new improved AI and new User Interface graphics. New features: – Landscape mode now on all devices. – DragnDrop support. Improvements: – Better user interface for all devices. Bug fixes: – Fixed all issues on the iPad […]

New update to v1.1.1

Its now available the update to version 1.1.1. Go get it on the App Store. Among minor algorithm fixes, this update includes an option to set the game sound volume and the ability to continue the game after the application as been closed. New features: – New option to set the game sound volume. Improvements: […]

New update

Its out the upgrade to the application. What’s New in Version 1.1 New features: – New option to skip initial animations. – New option to automatically clean the cards after playing. – New option to organize the deck of the player with the trumps on the left side. – New option to rename the teams. […]

App approved

Sueca is now available, dont forget to like it on facebook 😛

App submitted to AppStore for approval

Sueca was sent to the AppStore for approval in 18/06/2011. Now its just a matter of time for it to go live, normally ETA is between 5 to 8 days (or more time in case the app gets rejected 😛 ).