Can you beat it?

Sueca is a popular game of cards played all over the world. With this application you can enjoy play the game with a interface that feels just right on your iDevice. Provided with high quality graphics and a natural interface, your guaranteed to have plenty of good times on your spare time.

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Sueca is a game of cards very popular in Portugal, Brazil and Angola.
This game as both luck on the cards you get, skill on how you decide your next move and strategy on how you play with your team mate.
Played with four players and a deck with 40 cards, you are guaranteed to have plenty of fun.
With an easy user interface, you just need to select the card and play it.
If you need help to play or learn the game, there´s an help menu with basic instructions.


  • High quality graphics
  • Multi-device support for families
  • Easy user interface, you just need to select the card you want to play and play it
  • Hard coded AI, meaning that u will have a hard time to beat your opponents
  • Game play sounds
  • Display of the current score on the screen

TODO list:

  • GameCenter and multiplayer support
  • All orientations support
  • Users sugestions